REMAX Alluminium Alloy Wireless Charger RP-W12

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Two transmitting coils increase the sensing range and no blind spots, and the charging is more stable.

Bracket design, can be horizontal and vertical, charging while entertaining.

In the two charging modes of 9V fast charging and 5V universal charging, when the mobile phone temperature exceeds 40C, it will automatically convert to the normal charging mode to protect the mobile phone and equipment from damage.

Effective transmission distance of charging with case on is less than 8mm.

The back is designed with cooling hole for rapid heat dissipation to prevent high temperatures.

Multiple protection, temperature protection, short circuit protection, over voltage protection, foreign object identification, overcharge protection, over current protection, electromagnetic field protection, over power protection, over discharge protection.

The base is slightly convex silicone, anti-slip mat to avoid sliding when charging.

LED double light indication, green light indicates wireless charging is connected to the power supply, blue light indicates wireless charging is working.

Note: Images are only to show how the actual cover look like but when You place the order you will get exact model of cover. Product will be shipped exactly as per order.

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